My name is Maria and I am your master, your mistress and your wettest dream come true, wrapped in leather and studs. Do you crave a really strong woman in your life who isn’t afraid to bend you over and fuck you with her toys? Do you ache to feel my handcuffs around your wrists as I whip you into a frothy frenzy with my leather riding crop? If you’re a good boy I might reward you with a little treat-you can lick my black leather stiletto heel. Or, I might force you to wear only a pink apron and clean my entire house on your hands and knees. Once my house is sparkling, I might spread my legs for you, demanding you use only your tongue on me until I squirt, never once touching your hard shaft until you do every bit of my bidding. You know you want to be my little sissyh boy.
Have you ever felt that plain, run of the mill sex just wasn’t cutting it for you? That fucking your college girl friend on a deflated futon mattress while both of you were drunk on PBR was fun but lacked that certain something? I was the same way. I lost my virginity at 15 years old and like most first times, it hurt and was over too fucking quickly. I remember thinking, “Jesus Christ, my fucking pussy feels like a truck is driving through it! I wonder if this is painful for him too? Hmmm…I hope it does. I want him to feel the same pain I’m feeling…” But then, it was over in six thrusts…sigh! From 15 to 19 I thought sex would get better. Maybe I was doing something wrong? I mean, sure, I would get wet and have an orgasm here and there but all the boys I were with tried to master me, and I played their games because I thought that’s what I had to do.
One day, I met a man at a coffee shop-he was considerably older than my mere 20 years but I was intrigued by that. After some conversation and a makeout session in his car, I begged for him to take me home. Arriving at his bachelor pad, he threw me down on his bed and pulled a leather collar and leash from his bedside drawer. The sight of it-my first exposure to leather toys- made my pussy so fucking wet that it was overwhelming. He said,
“Maria, I want you to wear this while I fuck you.” And in that moment, I knew what I had been missing all along in my sex life. Something overcame me and I said,
“No, bitch. I want YOU to wear it while I fuck YOU.”
I spent the next week, yes the ENTIRE WEEK, humiliating him, fucking his ass with various strapons and breaking him down to be my perfect little bitch boy, begging for mercy.
And like they say, the rest was history.
IF you’re a good little baby, I will reward you handsomely. Dial my number, you little bitch.
Manipulation Mistress,