Hey guys, do you like to party? I’m Lola and I do. I like to go to a certain kind of party though. The kind where pants are optional, hehee ;). See I like to be very submissive to my men and I love to party. I think those two characteristics go hand in hand. I love to dress real slutty and go to a party and get completely dominated. I can just walk into the room and feel the eyes on me. Everyone is looking at me. Even the women are openly staring. I know they are just jealous of how hot I am. I know that all those cocks in the room want me. That’s great for me! It’s my kind of party. My panties get all wet as I think of all the ways I am going to get my little holes stuffed. Sometimes I do not even bother with panties. If you do not have any panties on then it is easier to get cocks in. All it takes is one look from a man and I can tell if he is going to treat me right or not.
If he makes a quick glance in my direction and then diverts his eyes he is not for me. He does not have enough confidence. Now if he makes direct eye contact with me and I can see in his eyes all the naughty things he would like to do with me, then you can guarantee I am walking over to him. I will get on my knees right in front of him and let him know that I want to be his slave. Please sir, use me as you see fit.
I will tell him with my eyes that I need to be used and abused. You can hurt me if you like. Please spank my pussy and ass, sir. Mhmm, I need it.Please stretch my holes and use me like the dirty slut that I am. I am such a dirty whore. This is what I deserve. I have no limits. My only limits are what you will not let me do. Of course that is up to you. I love to have a few drinks, smokes, whatever is available and get a nice buzz and then see how many cocks will fit inside my little body. I do not know how many we can get in there but I certainly wanna try! What do you think? How many can we get in there?
Submissive Party Slut,