Hello, I am Mistress Jasmine,
I seek pathetic men to play with. I will train them to be scum under my feet. If it hasn’t learned by now, all slaves are nothing but scum to worship me when I allow it to. I am here to be served and will not take any non-sense off of anyone for any reason. I am to be worshiped at all times and there is nothing I will tell you I want that you will not do for me. I am very strict in my ways and have a lot of time to spend on doing what makes me the happiest, which is figuring out ways for you to please me! You are nothing, I am your everything, you will obey every rule and command set for you or punishment is swift and severe. I take no shot off of you or anyone! You are here for the sole purpose of making sure my every whim is being met. You will do whatever I need you to do and be grateful I asked you to do it! Your every waking moment you will spend finding ways to please me and only me, you will serve me no matter the time or cost to you personally.
This world is all about pleasing me, and only me. Your not a consideration here, I am your one and only consideration, thought and desire. Though I guess I could take the odd moment to tell you what I like.. Some of the things I enjoy are locking a slave in its cage. This gives me a great deal of pleasure, watching you and listening to you beg to go to the bathroom, or bed for food or water. Using it as a stool or standing on it as my heels dig into its skin. If I get in a good mood, I may bring friend’s over to use it for their pleasure. Will it have enough sense to bend to my friends or to open its mouth without protest? Or will it think that it is better than scum? Come visit me, my pathetic worms. So that this Mistress can show you the real reason why she is and always has been Superior. If you should doubt that I am your Superior maybe we need to have a long chat so I can make you understand the ill ways of your thinking. You know you long to be my pet, so lets get started we have a lot of work to do to get you trained properly.
Your Mystical Mistress,