Hi guys, my name is Elena and I’m very new to all of this. I grew up sheltered in a very Catholic household, only allowed to talk to boys who I was related to. My parents were very strict and always told me to stay pure of mind and pure of thought. They said that if I ever let anyone touch my privates or touch a boy that I wasn’t related to, I would burn in the fires of hell. I used to have nightmares about it but that didn’t stop me from wondering why my privates were so bad.
One day, when I was very young I was taking a bubble bath with a couple of my toys. I was playing Little Mermaid and making my Arial Doll swim under and legs and her hair brushed against my private parts. It sent a tingling feeling through me that felt…good. It didn’t feel bad. I wanted more of that feeling so I put my fingers there and started feeling around but then my Papi caught me exploring my pussy and he got so mad, he dragged me out of the bathtub, pulled off his belt, threw me over the couch and beat my tender ass until welts formed and started to bleed. At first I cried, but then with each smack of the belt my body got hotter and hotter. My ass tingled and I felt so bad because it felt so good. He threw me in my room and told me to pray for forgiveness and not to come out of my room until he said I could. I kneeled on the floor, naked and still wet, my ass sore from his belt and I prayed. I prayed to Jesus to take away my sin.
But ever since then, I’ve wanted to experience that painful pleasure again and again but the boys I’ve been with leave me cold and my pussy never gets wet for them. They want me to tell them what to do, instruct them on how to please me but I don’t want that. I want a master to tell me what to do, and to punish me for being a bad, bad girl. Use all of your toys on me please, and do whatever you want to my young, tight pussy. My submissive cherry needs to be popped. Please, fulfill my submissive fantasies and I will please you anyway I can. Be my Dom Daddy.
Barely Legal Submissive,