Hello there handsome, I’m Anna! I’m young, fun and craving your sweet, salty cum. Did I mention I’m also a poet?
Do you see my title up there, Daddy’s Little Girl? Well, it’s true in more ways than one, I promise you that. I’ve always had a special relationship with my Daddies. My Mother was married three different times and all of them were amazing, caring and loving men, so I guess I am a very lucky girl to have had so many Daddy’s. Growing up with such strong male role models in my life made me a lover of all things men! Making my Daddy happy is what makes me the happiest little girl in the world! I sound like a woman but if you want me to, tell me to use my perfect little girl voice and I will do it, just for you.
My first Daddy, my real daddy, was the sweetest man I ever knew. He was tall, with strong hands and a winning smile. One of my first memories is of him. I was at the playground when I fell off the jungle gym, scraping my knees on the concrete. The other guys were laughing at me and my Daddy came, scooped me up in his big, strong arms and carried me to the car. He wiped away my tears and told me I was such a brave little lady. He spread me across his lap, I was wearing a dress, and started caressing my hurt knees. His hands worked there way up my thighs and before I knew it his fingers had found their way into my suddenly slippery privates…from then on I knew that I loved my Daddy in a very special way. After he and my Mother divorced, my other two step daddies and I became very close…
I want you to shoot your thick, creamy load all over my perky titties, or on my sweaty ass. Watch as I run my fingers through your cum and lick it off my fingers, it’s so yummy and delicious, you could explode in my mouth all day and I’d never get tired of it. I love you older men, you make me feel so safe and protected from the big, bad world. I want you to take me in your arms and pull me against your tall, hard body, rubbing your hardening shaft into my most sensitive areas. Let me please you. Do you want me to sit on your face so you can have easy access to my drenched pussy and virgin ass hole? I’d love to feel your mouth on me as I deep throat your throbbing cock. I want you to spank my ass and tell me to call you Daddy. Oh, yes please, Daddy-I want to scream it over and over and over as you fuck me. Give me your dick, Daddy.
Daddy’s Little Angel,
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