Hi Gentlemen,
My name is Amanda and I usually work in the strip club down town. It’s great work and my boss is a kind old man that use to let me crash on his couch in the office. See, it all started back when I was younger and my crack head mom tried to sell me to one of her dealers for a fix. That’s the night I ran away and never looked back. I spent a couple of years riding people’s couches until I came across an offer to show my body. I had to give this some long hard thought at first because I was afraid, but I noticed as soon as I started taking my clothes of in that room full of men, I found it so hot that my young little pussy was getting wet, right there on the stage! Later that night, the old man that runs the place offered me a place to sleep. After I had fallen asleep I felt something touching my breast. I opened my eyes to see the old man smiling. At first I pretended to be asleep because he really cheeped me out. I tried so hard not to let him know I was awake, I was afraid of what he wanted.
When the old man realized I was awake he actually offered me extra money to do him sexual favors whenever he wanted. Even though he was kind of gross I really needed the money so I let him fuck me. I wasn’t long after that I realized that stripping could be oh so much more than just stripping. I soon built up a clientele of hot horny men who weren’t getting it at home. It was then I realized how much I loved sex, I became quite a good stripper but a much better lover. There was a never ending supply of horny men who were willing to pay to fuck me and have me suck their cock! It took no time at all and I had that strip club hoppin with customers. Funny how news travels so fast. Now I have my own place and will continue stripping in the evening and fucking and sucking the rest of the night! I have so many stories to tell and would love to work on your cock, or maybe just a little strip tease? So let’s spend some time together and we can get off to each others stories *wink*
Your Cock Lovin’ Slutty Stripper,
Billed Discreetly as CRL Enterprises
$2.00 per minute all calls in the Continental United States. $2.50 per minute all calls from Canada & International Calls. $4.00 per minute all 2 girl / couple calls in the Continental United States. $5.00 per minute all 2 girl / couple calls from Canada & International Calls. Cyber text sessions are offered at the same rate as calls. There is a 10 minute minimum on all calls, no exceptions.