Gaze upon me as Goddess Alexandra, your one and only obsession. I know that the moment you saw me, you were hooked. How could you not be? With my golden, thick hair cascading down my back, my plump mouth and mesmerizing blue eyes-I knew you couldn’t resist me. No man can resist my tight ass, my long legs or my alluring presence. As your Goddess, I am here to keep you captivated with my Sensual Goddess ways that will leave you craving for more. Now with sunshine colored hair, hypnotic eyes, luscious lips, and a perfect Goddess like body to match it … what more could you ask for? Once you have just a moment to be in my presence, you will completely lose yourself in my scent, my taste and my touch.
Since I was young, I became aware of my influence over the opposite sex-and sometimes the same sex People would stop me on the streets just to tell me how beautiful I am. Men would leave their wives and girlfriends just in the hopes to spend one night with me and my sensual skills in the bedroom. I learned very quickly to discern the worthy from the unworthy. There is never a shortage of men or women that I can have so I’ve learned not to waste my time on people who don’t deserve it. Do you understand?
Although I am your every wet fantasy come true, there are some things that you will need to learn about me. I am here for you to worship. Worship the ground I stand on. From my pretty pedicured toes to my beautiful blonde tresses, you will worship with your loyal submission. Therefore, I am not your female partner. We are not equals and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you may be able to experience the pleasures I am able and apt to offer. Don’t even think for a moment that you can top me. If you even try to top me from the bottom, you will be fucking sorry. I am your Sensual Goddess, world shaking sexual experience personified. You will serve me and cater to my every wish. If I want you to lick my feet, you will. If I want to whip your ass until you scream in painful pleasure and call me Goddess, I will. Once you have proven to me that you are my loyal servant, I just might decide to keep you around for my own amusement.
Your Sensual Goddess,
Billed Discreetly as CRL Enterprises
$2.00 per minute all calls in the Continental United States. $2.50 per minute all calls from Canada & International Calls. $4.00 per minute all 2 girl / couple calls in the Continental United States. $5.00 per minute all 2 girl / couple calls from Canada & International Calls. Cyber text sessions are offered at the same rate as calls. There is a 10 minute minimum on all calls, no exceptions.